Orizzonti Resort

The resort.

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venti lontani
infiniti mondi...

e azzurri mari
e verdi campi

gocce di rugiada
risplendenti stelle
notti che inseguono giorni
luci che sfiorano ombre

stringente desiderio
di corpi al sole
anime s'incontrano
(leggere) fra le nuvole

in questo paradiso inventato
non c'è bisogno di tempo

non v'è traccia di ieri
niente/non ansia del domani

labbra di baci rubati
eco di sospiri affannati

ricordo avvolgenti tramonti
se te ne vai...
cercami negli eterni orizzonti

© Giorgio Baldoni

Orizzonti Resort

The resort.

A few steps from the Marche coast, at the gates of the medieval walls of Sant'Elpidio a Mare, a town rich in cultural, artistic and historical ideas, our structure is located in a strategic position, being about 30 km from the Apennines and only 7 km from the sea.

The extraordinary position of this hill, which stands out over the Chienti valley, allows you to leave any connecting provincial road to find a nice hill that culminates in the wonderful valley.

The typical amazement of those who visit our valleys for the first time offer unique sensations.

Our Resort is here, surrounded by greenery; a small paradise for those looking for a location with a swimming pool, suitable both for those looking for a relaxing stay, and for those who do not want to stay too far from the nightlife of the nearby seaside resorts.

Thanks to the family nature of the management, we personally take care of each of our guests who can thus have access not only to a prestigious location but to an exclusive experience.

The large garden with enchanting olive trees, some even secular, makes the Orizzonti resort and its three apartments a unique and special place.

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